About Us

The Pike family has been in the wholesale and retail mattress manufacturing business since 1946. In these many years they have seen just about every problem associated with the bedding industry. In the quest for the most comfortable sleep surface mattress manufacturers, like ourselves, have continued to build thicker mattresses with more comfortable filling materials. Some reach 24 inches in thickness for the mattress alone. The result is comfort but this creates a new problem of finding sheets that will accommodate such bedding. Even the deep pocket sheets that will fit mattresses up to 14 to 22 inches will still creep up and off of the ultra-premium bedding. And now that the sheet manufacturers are making deeper pocket sheets they are too loose on older, thinner bedding. Add to this the growing use of power bases and its nearly impossible to keep sheets on a mattress today.


Many of our customers have tried the sheet straps or clamps. But to apply them you had to lift the mattress as the sheet straps fit under the corners of the mattress. Today’s thicker mattresses tend to be very heavy, some weighing sixty to seventy pounds. This causes problems for some people in lifting the mattress and applying the straps. Being a family of inventors and holding 4 US patents with several more pending this prompted us to come up with a solution. Our family’s first patent was in 1951.


Mr. Steven Pike invented and patented his first sheet retainer in 1990 a product known as The Sheet Holder. It was a device designed to attach the sheet to the taped edge binding of the mattress. The company was sold in 2003. Mr. Pike signed a non-compete for 10 years. Since then, the bedding industry continued to evolve and about 70% of all mattresses are now redesigned to use zipper covers and smooth edges with no taped edges. Since there was still a problem with sheets creeping up and off mattresses it prompted Mr. Pike to once again invent a product to hold sheets on any type of mattress.




The Pike family founded a new corporation in 2020 known as Dr. Handy’s™ Incorporated. Dr. Handy’s™ now produces Dr. Handy’s™ Patented Linen Grippers. The Linen Grippers can be placed anywhere on the mattress that the sheets ride up or off, not just the corners. And the new Linen Gripper will not be dislodged by a sleeper. Unlike other sheet retainers, once applied to the mattress you don’t have to remove the gripper to remove the sheet.


The current Dr. Handy’s™ Linen Grippers that you see is the result of long hard work and determination not to mention thousands of dollars’ worth of trial and error with prototypes with patents and patents pending, to achieve the best Sheet Retainer on the market today. As well as many other products to make your life easier.


Dr. Handy’s™ Inc has grown tremendously fast due to a product that works and solves a problem you will find in 9 out of 10 households. The Linen Gripper makes all other sheet retainers obsolete.


We at Dr. Handy’s™ Inc. are totally committed to producing only the highest quality products to make your life a little easier, with the utmost in service to our customers. And they are ONLY produced in the USA. So for the best quality , service and dependability you need look no further than Dr. Handy’s™ Inc.


Our Family of Inventors & Their Patents


Hank W. Metzger
July 17,1951 - 2,560,975 - Drape Supporting Hanger

Drape Supporting Clamp


Hank W. Metzger & Charles F. Pike
Sept 27,1966 - 3,274,625 - Mattress 2 Firmness In One
Dec. 29,1970 - 3,550,237 - Mattress Innerspring Bale Opener


Odie R. Carrier Jr. & Steven C. Pike
Feb. 02,1992 - 5,182,827 - Mattress Sheet Retainer

Sheet Mattress Holder 

Alice N Pike & Steven C Pike
2021 Patented – Linen/Mattress Gripper