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Calculator and Small Electronics Wedge 3"x6"x7"

Calculator and Small Electronics Wedge 3"x6"x7"

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The Dr. Handy's Calculator Wedge was designed to prop your calculators and credit card machines up at a better angle. Unlike plastic or wooden wedges, these wedges are designed from a high density foam to reduce pressure, slippage, and tipping. Dr. Handy's wedge's natural malleable surface grips your equipment in place so it doesn't slip off. And because it is made from foam you don't have to worry about your equipment tipping, rocking, or tapping like you do with solid plastic or wooden wedge supports. Dr. Handy's wedges are ideal for calculators that need to be inclined for a more natural typing angle and for credit card machines that are free standing and/or flat. This wedge can support more than 20 pounds of weight without collapsing.

Foam products help to create a spring-like effect that can help reduce fatigue by absorbing excessive pressure. Using a foam wedge instead of hard wedges provides a bit of cushion beneath your products. Therefore, reducing the blunt impact on your hands, fingers, and wrists. Proper alignment of the hands and wrists can reduce the risks of carpal tunnel and finger fatigue.

Dr. Handy's Wedge features our Ridge Vent System (RVS). The Ridge Vent System allows for more air flow to the bottom of the equipment. Most electronic equipment will build up a fair amount of heat with use. This heat buildup can shorten the life of your equipment if not properly ventilated. But with our unique Ridge Vent System, cool air channels in while warm air channels out. Air flow keeps your electronics from overheating. This wedge provides more air flow than sitting the equipment on your desk or table/counter surface alone. The Ridge Vents are also a great place to store your pencils, pens, or even the credit card machine stylus (especially when the holder on your machine breaks and can no longer hold your stylus for customer signing).

Wedge is designed to be smaller than most devices to be hidden. 

Dimensions: 3" tall x 6" wide x 7" deep


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