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Laptop Wedge - Best Laptop Stand - Raise Laptop - Dr. Handy's

Laptop Wedge - Best Laptop Stand - Raise Laptop - Dr. Handy's

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  • Fits most standard laptops, and notebooks
  • No tipping rocking from broken tabs or hard plastic keyboard stands
  • Impact absorbing foam absorbs some of the impact from typing. Can reduce wrist, finger, and hand fatigue.
  • Can easily slide your laptop across the desk without that annoying sound from the grippers.
  • Laptop cord can be tucked away in the vents to guide the cord where you want it.

    Dr. Handy’s Laptop wedge is ergonomically designed to bring your laptop up at a better angle for viewing and typing. No more twisting your wrists in an odd position. Now you can bring your keyboard to a more comfortable position. It also makes reading and watching video easier when it is closer to eye level. Dr. Handy’s Laptop wedge’s naturally malleable surface grips your equipment in place so it doesn’t slip off. And because it is made from foam you don’t have to worry about your equipment tipping or rocking like you do with plastic, wooden, or rubber wedges. Foam products create a spring-like affect that can help reduce hand, wrist, and finger fatigue by absorbing pressure. Using a foam wedge instead of a hard wedge provides a bit of cushion beneath your product. Our patent pending Ridge Vent System allows air flow to your device to prevent overheating. Most electronic equipment will build up a fair amount of heat with use. This heat buildup can shorten the life of your equipment if not properly ventilated. But with our Unique Ridge Vent System cool air channels in while warm air channels out. Air-flow keeps your electronics from overheating. The RVS Wedge with the Ridge Vent System provides more air-flow than sitting the equipment on your desk or table surface alone. For laptops the unique RVS cutout is the perfect place to line up with most laptop vents. It also helps to improve gripping power and reduce slippage. Laptop not included. Dr. Handy’s Laptop Wedge is made from a specialized foam designed to grip your device without the need of a cover or grippers. Item ships in bulk black packaging that is UV resistant to prevent damage.

     3" x 12" x 9" (H x W x L)


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