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Linen Gripper - Better than Sheet Straps and other Sheet Holders

Linen Gripper - Better than Sheet Straps and other Sheet Holders

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Dr. Handy's Linen Grippers were designed to keep your sheets and linens from creeping off of your mattresses. Unlike solid plastic/wood sheet holders that use the tape edge of a sewn mattress to tightly hold your sheets in place, Dr. Handy's Linen Gripper uses its malleable surface to stop creeping linens. This product is versatile and can be used on mattresses with tape edges and mattress that are in zipper covers! The Linen Gripper is applied directly to your mattress and creates a strong gripping bond using its specially formulated Gripper Foam and Gripper shape so no need to remove...EVEN BETWEEN SHEET CHANGES!! There are no metal clamps or teeth, like with traditional Sheet Straps, making it safe for all your sheet sets (no holes from sheet straps!). No gawdy straps, rubber bed bands, or bed scrunchies! No lifting your mattress needed! Its as easy as peel and stick.

Do you have an odd size mattress? Antique size? Camper Mattress? RV Mattress? Boat Mattress? Custom made mattress? No more spending a fortune on custom sheets sets or being forced to sleep on oversized sheets and linens! Simply buy the closest size of sheets or linens and apply Dr. Handy's Linen Grippers to the corners and sides of the mattress then tuck in extra slouch tightly. Let Dr. Handy's Linen Grippers work while you rest to keep your linens on your mattress as if they were made just the right size for your custom or odd size mattress!

Fitted sheet too big or mattress too thin? No problem with the Dr. Handy's Linen Gripper! Just fold extra slouch under the mattress where the product rests and let it grip your sheets tightly while you rest. Powerbase constantly causes the edges of your sheets to pop off the corners of your mattress? No problem with the Dr. Handy's Linen Gripper! Simple solutions for daily problems that don't break the bank and actually work!

4 grippers per package

Each Gripper is measured at 15.5" Long, 1.5" wide, and 0.25" thick. For extra thick mattresses Linen Gripper arrow design can be nested together.


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